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We have collected these funny quotes since the 1980s. For as long as we can remember, we have found phrase confusion very amusing; even more so when people are taking themselves seriously, oblivious to the hilarity of their mistakes.

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Funny messed up phrases: Malaphors, Mixed Idioms, Mondegreens, Malapropisms, Eggcorns
The different kinds of funny, messed up phrases: Malaphors, Mixed Idioms, Mondegreens, Malapropisms, Eggcorns

As media channels expand and grow, more and more people find themselves in the spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame, and to our eternal gratitude, we have found that members of the public are equally adept at taking classic idioms and messing them up.

So since the 1980’s we have collected these messed-up phrases“Mixed Idioms” or “malaphors” or “mondegreens” or “eggcorns”, and we store them online for the world to see.

What is a Mixed Idiom?

A “mixed idiom” is a mixed-up phrase accidentally constructed from one or more well-known phrases. Often people mix up these phrases without realizing it. e.g. “You are skating close to the wind” is a mix-up of the phrases (idioms) “Skating on thin ice” and “Sailing close to the wind“.

What is a Malaphor?

A “Malaphor” is a misquoted or erroneous metaphor. e.g. “They treated me like a leopard”

What else is “a Malaphor” called?

“Malaphors” – meaning “mixed up metaphors/phrases” – are also called Malapropisms, Malaprops, Mondegreens, Eggcorns, and Mixed Idioms.

What kind of messed-up phrases do you collect?

We collect all kinds, from mixed idioms to malaphors, and right through to erroneous acronyms and spoonerisms.

Why do you collect Mixed Idioms and Malaphors?

Because we find them so funny. Pick one for each day of the year – they are brilliant. And, what’s better, is that people say them all of the time; just listen!

What is an Eggcorn?

An Eggcorn is a word or phrase that results from mishearing or misremembering an element and substituting it for one which sounds very similar and has a similar meaning.
For example, “Lip singing” instead of “Lip syncing” referring to the use of mouthing the singing of a song by singers in “as live” performance, alongside the playback of the same song to give the impression that they are actually performing the song “live“).

Where does the description “Eggcorn” come from?

The word “Eggcorn” was coined in a discussion between linguists Geoffrey Pullum and Mark Liberman in September 2003, as an example where a woman substituted the phrase “eggcorn” for the word “acorn”.

What is a “Malapropism”?

A malapropism is the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with an amusing effect. e.g. “dance a flamingo.” It is very similar to an Eggcorn.

What is a “Mondegreen”?

A Mondegreen is a misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase that results from a mishearing of the lyrics of a song. e.g. “Every time you go away, you take a piece of meat with you”.

What is an “Escher Sentence”?

An Escher Sentence, also known as a “comparative Illusion” sentence, is a sentence that makes sense in an initial examination, but that has terrible problems when you think about it carefully. e.g. “More people have been to London than I have.”

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