Mixed Idioms

For as long as we can remember, we have found people getting their idioms confused very amusing; even more so when spouted by senior executives with stern faces oblivious to the trail of idiom damage left behind them.

As media channels expanded and grew, more and more people found themselves in the spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame, and to our eternal gratitude we soon found that members of the public were equally adept at taking tried and tested idioms and mercilessly mashing them with others.

So since the 1990’s we felt it was our duty to collect these  messed up phrases“Mixed Idioms” and store them online for the world to see.

This made us smile, provided a little levity in our working days, and MASSIVELY annoyed our co-workers as we posted their idiom efforts online just as soon as they had uttered them.

T – Shirts

A few years ago we started to get requests from people visiting the web site if we sold any T-shirt merchandise with mixed idioms on them. We did not, nor did we know anything about clothing, other than how to wear it. so we did nothing.

In 2016 we met up with the folk at GAS Collective who ran design companies with a strong ethos that instantly struck a chord with ours;

  • A sense of humour
  • Outstanding design function
  • Form before profit
  • Wanting to make their bit of the world a better place

They had a clothing producer based in London who wanted fresh content ideas and to take our phrases and turn them into designs.

And here they are.

We will only ever produce a limited run of each design.

Contact us

If you have heard a mixed idiom, or even coined one yourself, please send it in!