We love a Malaphor, Mixed Idiom, Mondegreen, or Eggcorn

We have been collecting messed up phrases since the 1980s

For as long as we can remember, we have found phrase confusion very amusing; even more so when people are taking themselves seriously, oblivious to the hilarity of their mistakes.

As media channels expand and grow, more and more people find themselves in the spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame, and to our eternal gratitude we have found that members of the public are equally adept at taking classic idioms and messing them up.

So since the 1980’s we have collected these messed up phrases“Mixed Idioms” or “malaphors” or “mondegreens” or “eggcorns”, and we store them online for the world to see.

What is a Mixed Idiom?

A “mixed idiom” is a mixed-up phrase accidentally constructed from one or more well-known phrases. Often people mix up these phrases without realising. e.g. “You are skating close to the wind”

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